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A Number is Worth a Thousand Words

That's why I'll keep it short and let the numbers speak for themselves.

On this page you can discover data on Hessen's infrastructure, economy and labor market in exciting graphics.

Did you know that DE-CIX Frankfurt, with a data throughput of more than 10 Terabits per second, is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world? And that there are 45 cluster and network initiatives with almost 3,800 members in Hessen?

No? Then let yourself be surprised by interesting and impressive facts about our state.

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The gateway to Europe


mil. affluent consumers in Europe

Europe‘s connecting city

All European business centers within a

3 hour

flying radius

In the Center of European Markets

Access to the German and European Market

DE-CIX - the world's largest internet node is in Frankfurt with 10 terabit per second.

Frankfurt is gigabyte city (approx. 90% of Frankfurt's households can surf the internet with 1 gigabyte per second).

Top placement in Germany's broadband expansion.

Frankfurt Airport

54 %

Transfer Passengers








Direct Flights per Week


mil. Passengers per Year


mil. Metric Tons of Cargo per Year


Traffic volume by sector 2019 Aircraft movements (in thousands) Cargo (total traffic in 1,000 metric tons) Passengers (total traffic in millions)
Frankfurt (FRA) 514 2.1 70.6
Paris (CDG) 498 1.9 76.2
Amsterdam (AMS) 497 1.6 71.7
London (LHR) 476 1.6 80.9



Gross value added 
in € bn


Tertiary Sector in %

(measured by gross value added)


Population in million


Area in km²


Employees in million


Foreign Banks


German Banks

Home to around 198 German and foreign banks, including Deutsche Bundesbank and the European Central Bank (ECB), Frankfurt is EU‘s leading financial centre.

The Frankfurt stock market is one of the world’s largest trading platforms for securities.

More than 30 foreign banks relocated to Frankfurt after Brexit.


Cluster and Network Initiatives with almost 3,800 Members


Start-Ups per 1,000 Inhabitants
(German Average: 6.6)



Technology and new Business Centers

StartHub Hessen

serves as a central contact point for Start-ups and stakeholders

The proportion of fintech and cybersecurity start-ups is especially high. In these areas, Frankfurt‘s TechQuartier serves as a central contact point for start-ups in the Greater Frankfurt area.


International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions


mil. Visitors

> 37,000



Square Meters of Total Space

Leading international trade fairs for consumer goods, lifestyle products, textiles, architecture, and media

More than 2,500 employees generated a revenue of   € 736 million in 2019.

105 events abroad with more than 57,000 exhibitors and over 2.4 mil. visitors

Total number of employees: 2.6 mil.

Vocational training is crucial for Hessen's innovative strength and competitiveness. An essential pillar is the dual training system. It provides companies with qualified and practically trained specialists who can contribute to the company‘s value chain right after training. Around 38,000 new training contracts are concluded in Hessen every year. With only 5.1 percent, youth unemployment is at a low level, both in the national and international comparison. 

In addition to standard university programs, advancement is also possible in the form of dual study programs: Practical on-the-job study content in companies is combined with the theoretical content in dual universities. More and more companies, universities and young people are seeing the advantages of a dual study program 130 courses at 17 universities and vocational academies speak for themselves.


Import in mil. €


Export in mil. €

The Hessian economy exported goods to the value of 64.9 bil. € in 2019. This corresponds to an increase of 0.6 % compared to the previous year. On the import side, Hessen recorded an increase of 3 percent with an import volume of 103 bil. €.

The products of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are by far Hessen’s greatest export success. In 2019 they continue to head the rankings of the most important export goods with a volume of 20.2 billion euros. This corresponds to over 30 percent of Hessen‘s export volume.

They are followed by products in mechanical engineering as well as electrical and vehicle engineering. These product groups are also the most important import goods. Electrical engineering products account for the largest import volume with 15.7 bil. €, followed by chemical and pharmaceutical products with 15.5 bil. €.

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